Republican Party

Bylaws for District 16

Revised on March 26, 2017



 ARTICLE I – NAME                                                                                                                                3

ARTICLE II – DISTRICT OBJECTIVE                                                                                                      3

ARTICLE III – PRECINCTS                                                                                                                      3

 ARTICLE IV – MEMBERSHIP                                                                                                                 3
Section A – Precincts                                                                                                                          4
Section B - District                                                                                                                              4

Section A          Precinct Captains                                                                                                   5
Section B          District Officers                                                                                                       5
1.         Duties of Chairman                                                                                                               5
2.         Duties of Vice Chairman (2 positions)                                                                             5
3.         Duties of Recording Secretary                                                                                          5
4.         Duties of Corresponding Secretary                                                                                 6
5.         Duties of Treasurer                                                                                                              6
Section C.         Duties of Board                                                                                                      6

Section A          Elections of Officers, State Committeemen,
State Convention Delegates, and filling of vacancies                                                            6
Section B          District Statutory Organizational Meeting – Election                                 7
Section C          Special District meeting to elect delegates and alternates
to State Convention                                                                                                                         8

 ARTICLE VIII – ACTIVITIES OF LEGISLATIVE DISTRICT 16                                                           8
Section A          Precinct Activities                                                                                                 8
1.         Organizational Activities                                                                                                   8
2.         First year of term. Identify the Voters                                                                           8
3.         Second year of term. Get-Out –The-Vote                                                                       8
Section B District Meetings                                                                                                            8

ARTICLE IX – COMMITTEES                             
Section A          Standing Committees                                                                                           8
Section B          Special Committees                                                                                               9
Section C          Ex-Officio Member                                                                                                 9

Section A           Application                                                                                                           9
Section B          Duration                                                                                                                 9 

Section C          Amendments                                                                                                        9
Section D         Subjects Not Covered by the Bylaws                                                              9 


Section A
The name of this organization shall be the Legislative District 16 Committee of the Arizona Republican Party the hereinafter referred to as the District. The executive board of the District will hereafter be referred to as the Board.

Section B
The District is a portion of the Maricopa County Republican Committee, which is a portion of the Arizona Republican Party.

Section A.        The objectives of the District shall be:
            1)   To support and elect Republican candidates at all levels.

            2)   To promote an informed electorate through political education.

            3)   To foster loyalty to the Republican Party and to promote its platform;

            4)   To increase the effectiveness of Republican workers in the cause of good government through active political participation.

            5)  To promote Liberty and the Constitution and to support Republican candidates with a track record and an expectation of supporting and promoting both.                                               

1. The Maricopa County Board of Supervisors normally sets the boundaries for precincts in December of the odd-numbered years. Boundaries are adjusted every two years to compensate for changes in numbers of registered voters.
2. Quotas for Precinct Committeemen are determined based on the number of registered Republican voters as of March 1 of each even-numbered year. Each precinct has a quota of one Precinct Committeeman plus one additional Precinct Committeeman for each 125 registered Republicans or major fraction thereof.
3. Personnel in a precinct shall include:
a. Precinct Committeemen to fill the quota - one of the committeemen is the Captain.
b. The Precinct Captain may nominate three members and two alternates for the election board.
c. Associate Precinct Committeemen.
d. Volunteers.
e. Republican Voters
4. Terms of office of Precinct Committeeman and precinct personnel:
a. The term of office of a Precinct Committeeman is two years, beginning with the Primary Election in the even-numbered years.
b. Republican election board workers are appointed by the Maricopa County Elections Department for each specific election from lists that are provided by the Republican County Chairman. Precinct Committeemen make recommendations to their Captains who nominate the workers. Precinct Committeemen who are nominated by the Precinct Captain are to be given preference for these paid jobs.
5. Procedures for removing Precinct Captains and District officers are defined in the Continuing Bylaws of the Maricopa County Republican Committee.

Section A The voting membership of the District committee shall consist of all duly elected and appointed Republican Precinct Committeemen who reside in the District. 
Section B
In addition to those duties prescribed by law and State and County by-laws, the duties of the members of this organization shall be:
a. To attend regular and/or special meetings of the District;
b. To attend County statutory and mandatory meetings in person or by proxy;
c. To attend State statutory and mandatory meetings in person or by proxy if elected to serve as a State Committeeman;
d. To canvass and campaign in their respective precincts on behalf of Republican candidates;
e. To arrange and conduct voter registration campaigns and to offer assistance to those who wish to register within their Precinct and District;
f. On election days, to organize and assist workers within their Precinct and District in turning out a maximum Republican vote;
g. To help develop, maintain, and support a permanent Republican Precinct organization.
h. To promote Liberty and the Constitution.    
Section C
To retain their positions as elected Precinct Committeemen, individuals must be re-elected every two years. Filing procedures and deadlines are the same as for all other elective positions. Precinct Committeemen are elected at the Primary Election.

 Section D
Elected Precinct Committeemen act collectively to organize the Arizona Republican Party. They elect officers at all levels every two years.

Section E
Precinct Committeemen can be appointed to fill vacancies at any time. The Maricopa County Board of Supervisors makes the appointments from recommendations that are submitted by the District Chairman. Forty-five days after appointment appointed Precinct Committeemen have full voting rights. Appointees must be qualified Republican electors and must be recommended by the District Chairman.

Section F
The right to vote on party affairs differentiates Precinct Committeemen from other volunteers. Precinct Committeemen provide leadership for the other workers in each precinct.

Section G
All of the Precinct Committeemen of the District are members of the Maricopa County Republican Committee; one-third of the elected Precinct Committeemen are members of the State Committee.

All party executives are elected by the Precinct Committeemen from among their own membership.

Section A - Precincts
1. Newly elected Precinct Committeemen in each precinct shall nominate a Precinct Captain. The term of office is two years beginning the day after the Precinct Mandatory Election. Confirmation of nomination will take place when the precinct meets at the District organizational meeting and reported to the chairman.
2. The newly elected and the outgoing Captains and the Precinct Committeemen shall work together on party activities for the General Election.

Section B - District
1. The officers of the District shall be Chairman, Vice Chairman, six Second Vice Chairs, Recording Secretary, Corresponding Secretary, and Treasurer. They shall be elected at the District Organizational Meeting by majority vote.
2. The Board shall serve for two years beginning and ending with the District Organizational Meeting.
3. The Organizational Meeting shall be held no earlier than the second Saturday after the General Election and no later than the first Saturday in the following December.

Section A - Precinct Captains
The term of office of a Precinct Captain shall be two years, ending with the Precinct Mandatory Election. Precinct Captains:
1. Recruit and train precinct workers.
2. Coordinate precinct activities.
3. Consult regularly with the designated District Area Leader.
4. Encourage all precinct workers to attend District meetings.
5. Check to make certain that Precinct Committeemen candidates complete and file election forms on time. Filing forms are: (1) Affidavit of Qualification; and, (2) Nomination Petitions. Filing period is between 125 and 75 days before the Primary Election.
6. Nominate election board members.
7. Locate and recommend precinct committeemen to fill vacant committeemen positions.

Section B - District Officers
The term of office of District officers shall be two years, ending with the District Statutory Organization Meeting.
1. The duties of the Chairman (in addition to those duties specified in the county bylaws)
a. Presides at all District and Board meetings.
b. Represents the District as a member of the Maricopa County Executive Guidance Committee.
c. Reports on activities of the County and State Committees.
d. Schedules Board Meetings.
e. To appoint all committee chairmen, except the chairmanship of the nominating committee, with the advice and consent of the Executive Board.
f. Appoints committee members for the County and State Statutory and Mandatory meetings.
g. In conjunction with the precinct captain, approved precinct committeeman appointments to fill vacant precinct committeeman positions.
h. Processes paper work that flows between the District and County.
            1) Precinct Committeemen appointments
             2) Voter lists
            i. Arranges for reconciliation of records by an independent party when there is a change in the Office of Treasurer.
            j. Mandatory resignation: The District Chairman shall resign said chairmanship upon normal announcement of candidacy or upon        filing nominating petitions for any paid elected office
            k. In case of resignation or vacancy of District officers appoints a replacement who serves until an election for that position at the    next regular meeting.

 2. The duties of the Vice-Chairman
a. To preside at all meetings and perform all duties of the Chairman, in his absence;
b. To serve as Chairman of the Get Out The Vote Committee;
c. To perform other duties as prescribed by the Chairman.
d. To provide speakers and Programs for District meetings

3. The duties of the 2nd Vice Chairman (6 Positions)
a. Reports to the Board on all of the functions of the Precinct Captains in the Area he may be assigned by the Board.
b. Performs other duties as specified in the Bylaws.
c. Need not be resident in the area to which he is assigned.
d. Attend training provided through the District.
e. Distribute alphabetical lists and walking lists to Captains.
f. Recruit precinct personnel in vacant precincts.
g. Serve as acting Precinct Captain for precincts that have no Precinct Committeemen.
h. Recruits acting captains preferably from list of state committeemen. Acting captains need not be residents of precinct needing a captain.
i. Assists and guides Precinct Captains to whose area he may be assigned to provide training on a timely basis. This training will include but not be restricted to such subjects as how to run annual meetings, and how to train precinct committeemen to register new voters, how to work phone banks, how to get out the vote, how to make a “perfect” list, and how to recruit volunteers.

4. The duties of the Recording Secretary
a. To keep a complete and up-to-date roster of the Officers, Precinct Captains, Precinct Committeemen, and elected Officials of the District;
b. To take and record minutes of all the regular District meetings, Executive Board meetings, and special meetings;
c. To maintain the District’s permanent records;
d. To perform other duties as prescribed by the Chairman.

 5. The duties of the Corresponding Secretary shall be:
a. To utilized the complete and up-to-date roster of the Officers, Precinct Captains, Precinct Committeemen, and elected Officials of the District as provided by the recording secretary;
b. To conduct such correspondence and communications as may be requested by the chairman or executive board (via E-Mail, Social Media, Traditional Media, U.S. Mail, etc.);
c. To communicate notices of District meetings to each committeeman no later than seven (7) days prior to such meeting;
d. To perform other duties as prescribed by the Chairman.

6. The duties of the Treasurer shall be:
a. To receive and be custodian of all funds of the District and to pay all bills upon the authorization of the Chairman, subject to the limitations in Article IX, Section A, Finance Committee;
b. To keep an account of all the moneys received and disbursed and to report in full at the regular meetings and as requested by the chairman;
c. To serve as the Chairman of the Finance and Budget Committee;
d. To publish an annual report to the District and such other reports as required by law; and
e. Submit all required financial reports to the state, county and municipalities within their specified reporting windows.

Section C - Board
1. Duties of the Board
a. Sets agenda for District Meetings.
b. Plans District activities.
c. Approves appointments of the Chairman.
d. Encourages and approves the work of the committees.
e. Approves expenditures.

Section A – Elections of Officers, State Committeemen, State Convention Delegates, and filling of vacancies:

1. All Officers shall be elected at the organizational meeting of the District by a majority of the elected Precinct Committeemen present in person or by proxy as prescribed by law.

2. Within sixty (60) days after the Primary Election, the Precinct Committeemen, at the direction of the District Chairman, shall elect, from among their number, a Precinct Captain. If there are any precincts in which this has not been completed, the District Chairman will appoint a Precinct Captain for each of those precincts from among the Precinct Committeemen serving in said precincts.

3. Members of the State Committee shall be elected at the organizational meeting from a ballot listing the names of all elected Precinct Committeemen who wish to serve as State Committeemen.

4. Pursuant to the Call of the Republican National Committee to the Republican voters of the United States, Delegates and Alternates to the State Convention shall be elected at a regular or special meeting. A ballot will be prepared listing the names of all District Precinct Committeemen who wish to serve, and declared candidates who are registered Republicans in the District. In addition, space will be provided for qualified candidates nominated from the floor. In case of a tie, winners will be decided by the toss of a coin. Plurality voting shall determine selection of Delegates. Alternate shall, after election, serve according to priority determined by number of votes received.

5. Proxies shall be allowed in the other elections as provided for in the Arizona Revised Statutes.

6. Vacancies in offices shall be filled by election at the meeting immediately following the meeting at which the vacancy was announced, except when such vacancy occurs within a sixty (60) day period prior to an organizational meeting. Vacancies and elections to fill the vacancies will be announced to all Precinct Committeemen by email at least ten (10) days prior to the meeting at which said elections will be held. Proxies are allowed, and must be carried by a Registered Republican from the same Precinct.

‘NOTE: All those interested in running for District leadership should contact the Nominating Committee in early October.

 Section B - District Statutory Organizational Meeting - Election
1. Candidates shall be listed in the call to be mailed or emailed 10 days (not including Sunday) prior to the meeting.
2. Election shall be by majority vote.
3. Ballot Format:
a. Offices may be listed on one or more ballots at the discretion of the Nominating Committee. There shall be a space for write-in candidates for each office to be elected.
b. There will be additional ballots for State Committeemen if there are contested seats.
4. The Credentials and Tally Committees for the District Organizational Election shall be selected by the District Chairman—preferably from Committeemen who have not been nominated for any Board position or for State Committeeman.
5. Polls shall open thirty minutes prior to meeting and close one hour after the start time of the meeting. Those in line with completed ballots at the close of polls shall be allowed to vote.
6. Committeemen who will be late or absent from the Organizational Meeting may vote absentee or by proxy.
a. An absentee voter must appear in person before any member of the Board. Absentee ballots shall be sealed in an envelope; the outside of the envelope shall be identified with name of voter and precinct. Absentee voting closes 48 hours before the election.
b. A proxy must be carried by a registered Republican currently residing in the same precinct as the Committeeman for whom the proxy is carried and signed by a notary or two (2) witnesses other than the proxy carrier and the PC. A proxy form is in the Maricopa County Republican Committee Bylaws.
c. All proxies shall be delivered to the designated member of the Credentials Committee prior to the final closing of registration.
 7. On election night there may be a regular program, the length and nature to be determined by the Board. The speaker will be interrupted if run-offs are required. Election takes precedence over other matters. Run-off elections shall follow the procedure defined in the Maricopa County Republican Committee Bylaws.
8. Final results should be announced as soon as possible, but in any event before the meeting is adjourned. Itemized recording of the votes cast shall be entered into the official minutes of the meeting.
9. The gavel shall be passed if there is a new District Chairman.

Section C - Special District meeting to elect delegates and alternates to the State Convention
1. The District will caucus to choose delegate and alternates.
2. Quotas for delegates and alternates to the State Convention are based on the number of registered Republicans as of December 31 proceeding the presidential election year. The quota is one delegate and one alternate for each 1000 registered Republicans.
3. Electors are Precinct Committeemen who were elected or appointed by December 31 of the year proceeding the presidential year.

Section A - Precinct Activities
The Precinct Captain coordinates precinct work in each precinct. If there is no Precinct Committeeman in a precinct, the designated Area Leader, Second Vice Chair shall be the acting Captain until a Captain or an acting Captain is recruited. If a Precinct Captain resigns as Precinct Captain or is unable to continue as Captain during his/her two year term, a new Captain shall be elected by the existing Precinct Committeemen of that precinct at a meeting conducted by either the outgoing Captain or a member of the board.

1. Organizational Activities
a. Attend the Mandatory Precinct Meeting to elect Captain and nominate State Committeemen. 
b. Attend District, County and State Republican Party organizational meetings to vote for new officers. Elect delegates and alternates to the state convention.
c. Maintain precinct walking lists and alphabetical lists of registered voters.
d. Initiate resolutions to be presented to District meetings.
e. Attend and bring guests to District meetings.
2. First year of term (off election year). Identify the Voters.
a. Identify all registered to vote and all non-registered in precinct and prepare a perfect list.
b. Register Republican voters.
c. Identify voters who will need absentee ballots or ride to the polls.
d. Recruit new Precinct Committeemen.
3. Second year of term (election years). Get-Out-The-Vote (GOTV).
a. Sponsor open houses for Republican candidates within the precinct.
b. Circulate petitions to acquire nomination signatures for Republican candidates of choice.
c. Circulate petitions to acquire signatures for self and file with Maricopa County Election Department to get on the Primary Election ballot as a candidate for Precinct Committeeman.
d. Assist Republican registered voters in requesting absentee/early ballots.
e. Participate in GOTV in precinct for the Primary and General Elections.

Section B – District Meetings
The District shall normally meet ten times or more each year.

Section A - Standing Committees
The standing committees may include:
Bylaws, Nominating, GOTV, Voter Registration, Finance

 Nominating Committee
A Nominating Committee of not less than three (3) members shall be elected at the regular meeting preceding the organizational meeting. Nominations for members of this Committee shall be made from the floor. The three (3) receiving the highest number of votes shall constitute the committee, and they shall elect their own chairman. The committee shall submit the name of at least one (1) nominee for each office with the organizational meeting call, having obtained the consent of the nominee to serve if elected. All those eligible and desirous to serve must be nominated. No member of the Nominating Committee shall serve consecutive terms on this committee. Additional nominations for all elected officers may be made from the floor at all meetings where elections are held.

 Finance Committee:
A finance committee of not less than three members, one of which is the District Treasurer, shall decide upon and promote fund raising activities for District 16.

            1. All funds obtained by the District shall be deposited in the District account within seven (7) business days of receipt of said funds.
            2. Disbursement of all funds shall require signatures of two (2) members of the Executive Board.
            3. All expenditures require receipts. Expenditures over $300 must be pre-approved by the Executive Board.
            4. At the end of each year an audit shall be made of the books and records by an Audit Committee of at least three (3) Precinct Committeemen from the District who did not serve on the Executive Board    during the previous 12 months. They shall be appointed by the Executive board.

 Section B - Special Committees
The District Chairman may appoint such other committees as may be deemed necessary, such as Lincoln Day dinner, old fashioned rally, election headquarters activity, family day picnics, awards dinner and election gala.

 Section C - Ex-Officio Member
The District Chairman shall be an ex-officio member of all committees.

Section A - Application
These Bylaws shall, when not in conflict with the Bylaws of the Arizona Republican Party and the Maricopa County Republican Committee, establish a working organization, and prescribe rules for the government, conduct of meetings and business of the District Committee, its officers and subcommittees.

Section B - Duration
These Bylaws shall become effective as soon as they are adopted and continue in force until the boundaries of the District are changed or the Bylaws are amended in accordance with this Article.

Section C - Amendments
Amendment to these Bylaws may be proposed at any meeting of the District provided that a copy of the proposed amendment is mailed or emailed to each voting member of the District at least ten (10) days prior to the meeting. A two-thirds (2/3) vote of the members present in person or by proxy shall be necessary for passage of any motion to amend. A quorum must be present when Bylaws are amended.                                                             
Section D - Subjects Not Covered by the Bylaws
            1. Any subject not directly covered by these Bylaws shall be governed by the Arizona Revised    Statutes, the Bylaws of the Arizona Republican Party, the Bylaws of the Maricopa County Republican Committee, or the most current edition of Robert’s Rules of Order Newly Revised.
            2. Quorum: A quorum for the transaction of any business of the District shall be twenty-five percent (25%) of the members of the District present in person or by proxy.